The fastest tow service I have ever experienced.  My son’s car broke down in Clemson and I am 3 states away.  I called and they were extremely helpful and by the time I finished my call to them and calling my son back, they were there to tow the car. 
Thanks again!
Kelly E.
Aldie, VA

…a new beginning, just who we are…

Death Valley Towing business started in 1985, as an offshoot of Death Valley Exxon.  What began as a side business has grown exponentially!  Today it is a stand-alone business with 24-hour operations. The business continues to evolve and grow.  We aid stranded motorists, provide support to property managers and law enforcement, local garages, insurance companies and auto clubs.

We want to treat our customers right.  This includes being transparent…

  • We use some of the best and most progressive equipment and systems in the industry.
  • We have high quality, well-maintained vehicles, and an excellent training program for our drivers.
  • We demand excellence and professional performance from all our employees.
  • We are involved in our community, giving back through a variety of programs and activities.
  • We help our employees develop their careers and offer compensation that is fair to our people.
  • If you drive a 20-year-old beater or a new Mercedes, you can be confident that we will treat your vehicle with the same level of care and consideration