Our People Make The Difference

  • Polite
  • Professional
  • Well Trained
  • Experienced

Our Equipment is carefully chosen to meet your needs. Whether you have a parking deck with tight spaces, a crowded apartment complex, or you simply need to protect customer’s access to your business, we have the equipment and experience to help you.

Our business practices reflect our commitment to ethics and transparency with all of our customers, and to building long term relationships.

  • Our insurance meets, or exceeds all state requirements.
  • Our employees are true employees, not contractors.
  • Our compensation system encourages service.
  • Our towing management system tracks each call from job acceptance all the way to job completion. It keeps all documents, communications and pictures together in one file. If there is ever a question about a tow, we will have the answers and have them quickly!

We believe in an active relationship with our customers. If there is an issue, we want to know about it and resolve it quickly. We also want to be a proactive partner, working with you to anticipate needs and have a plan to deal with them when they arise.

We look forward to doing business with you!


Our goal is to serve you. We want you to know what you are getting and what it will cost. Death Valley Towing is one of the few companies that posts our rates. We believe transparency is the best policy.

  • Wreck – Beginning at $242, excessive time on site $125/hr, 30 min minimum.
    *Other charges may apply for special equipment and situations.
  • Police Impound – $130
  • Tow – Begins at $75 and includes first 5 miles, then $4.00/mile after.
  • Impound – $140
  • Extraction – Extraction begins at $85, firm quote given on site only.
  • Unlock – $70 – We know things happen. If there is a child or animal, there’s no charge.
  • Tire Change – $70
  • Battery Service – $70
  • Fuel Delivery – $70 plus fuel cost.
  • Relocation – $50 
  • Storage – $38/day, starts after 24hrs.
  • Exotics – By quote.

**If you have something on wheels that needs to be moved, please call. We will be happy to provide a quote.
***Rates are subject to change

Our Goal Is To Serve You

  • We work closely with our local law enforcement communities. When they call us, they know that a well-trained driver will respond.  Whether it is a parking violation, an arrest, a driver assistance call, or a multi-car wreck, we will respond quickly and assist them in resolving the situation quickly and professionally.
  • Private Property Impounds. Clemson area apartments have very limited parking.  Generally, its just enough for the residents that live there.  Our property managers have found we are able to efficiently patrol their properties and keep parking spaces open for their residents.
  • Account tows. We support several dozen local garages. These relationships have grown over time.  The owners of these garages are comfortable recommending DVT because they know we will give their customer a positive first experience with their business.
  • Roadside assistance
  • Insurance
  • Service Area. We service the Clemson, Seneca, Pendleton area going as far as Westminster and Walhalla. We can also pick up and delivery service for vehicles going to Anderson and Greenville.
  • Have you ever: locked yourself out of your car? (children and pets are free) Had a flat tire? Left your lights on and had a dead battery? Or run out of gas?  We can help you with all of these.

May 11, 2018 –The fastest tow service I have ever experienced.  My son’s car broke down in Clemson and I am 3 states away.  I called and they were extremely helpful and by the time I finished my call to them and calling my son back, they were there to tow the car.
Thanks again!
Kathleen C.